Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birth Story

   I have been wanting to write my birth story on here for a while now. With a newborn, traveling, and just life in general, it's been extremely hard. I finally forced myself some time, five months later haha. I knew I HAD to document this most important event in my life as soon as possible, before the thoughts and experience is more of a memory, instead of the magical time it was and still continues to be. Alright, so here goes: 
   The last month of my pregnancy was rough. I started having contractions at around 36 weeks and my doctor was thinking Truman would come early. I literally had no more room for the little guy to grow! I had to go in for stress testing twice a week to make sure he was ok. The first few times were fine and we passed the tests with flying colors. At about 38 1/2 weeks we failed the stress test and were sent to the hospital immediately. We were there for hours doing testing and I thought for sure I would be induced. We finally were given the news that Truman was still doing fine and we were sent home. That whole month was so nerve wracking and emotional. It's so hard being pregnant! Not only is it hard physically, but so emotionally draining. I was constantly worrying about the baby and counting each movement he made. 
   On June 24th, four days shy of our due date, my water broke at 4 am. Well I say I know my water broke, but at the time we weren't so sure. I had had so many "false alarms" that the last thing I wanted to do was have another. I had some strong contractions, but still that was daily for the last few weeks. With my concerns, I immediately woke Sid up and after deciding it may be another false alarm we ended up staying in bed and tried to sleep some more until around 4:45 when my contractions started getting stronger. We started timing the contractions and they were getting closer and closer and stronger and yes, even STRONGER (yup I have to emphasize the "stronger".  Haha- I can laugh about it now, but it certainly wasn't anything to giggle about then! It may be the 5 months that have passed, you know some of the memories fading like I mentioned earlier;) Anywaysss: Because I had been to the hospital and sent home a couple of times, I wanted to be sure I was in labor this time. I already had an appt scheduled for 9 am with my doctor, so I decided to try and wait it out until then. (I know better now) So, I got in the shower and tried to work through the contractions. After, I bounced on the ball, stretched, got ready, and ate because I had heard once you're in labor they won't let you eat and there was nooo way I was going to possibly starve the entire day!   
   On the way to the doctors, my contractions were about 5 mins apart. And strong! When we finally got there, they rushed me to the back and got me all checked out. I was definitely in labor and dilated to a 2. I was thrilled it was here...THE day I was finally going to meet my son!! But yet, I was nervous I was being given false hope as I had been to the hospital before and sent home. I was assured there was NO going back, that it was definitely happening! If I could, I would've jumped for joy haha. The nurse even told us she felt a head full of hair! Umm cause for more celebrating! She instructed us to go straight to the hospital. 
   We drove to the hospital and got all checked in and we were put in a room. I was dialated to a three by then and my contractions were coming on even stronger. I hadn't officially decided on whether or not to get an epidural, but as the pain got more and more intense and I wasn't dialating quickly after some time, I decided the labor would be more tolerable with one. A few hours later I was checked again and only dialated to a 5! 5?! I was so sure I was getting close. I tried sleeping and doing anything to keep my mind off of the contractions. I was checked again later and they found that my water wasn't all the way broken and that Truman was "sunny side up". They finished breaking my water and that's when things really sped up.  

   My husband and mom were both with me coaching me on, but after nearly 10 hours since we left the house, they were both starving . We assumed it would take a while longer since I was progressing so slowly. My husband ran downstairs to the food court to grab a bite to eat and then switched with my mom who then went downstairs. A little after my mom left, I started getting really really uncomfortable and told my husband to call the nurse. She came in and checked me...and I was at a 10! I couldn't believe it. She asked me if I was ready to push and I answered yes. That's when all the lights were pulled out and people came running in. My husband was trying to call my mom as I was getting ready to push. She came in just in time. I had them on each side and started to push. I pushed once, twice, three times and the fourth time I "put my game face on" (as my husband called it haha) and gave it my all. They said they could see his head and that's when the emotions took over and I started balling, pushed one more time and he was out! 

   Truman Jon Thompson, straight from Heaven, weighed 6.3 oz, 19 1/2 inches born at 8:20 PM in Royal Oak, Michigan. It was THE MOST amazing, emotional, out of body experience ever. Never have I felt stronger, more capable, or proud. The doctors placed him on my chest and I was overcome with emotions. It was love at first sight. Literally. I have heard that said many a times, but this moment truly translated it into reality for me. Truman stared right at me, he knew me already. I knew that. At that very moment, we formed an unbreakable bond. I fell in love with my sweet baby boy. He was pretty swollen from being stuck in the birth canal, but none the less, still so perfectly perfect. He nursed immediately and I gushed with joy. I can't believe I was lucky enough to be blessed with this perfect boy to care for and love and cherish. He has truly changed our lives in so many ways, undoubtedly for the better. What was life before him? THIS is pure joy. He makes us want to be better and try harder at everything we do. We are forever grateful and thank our Heavenly Father everyday for our sweet everlasting blessing. What an AMAZING day. I can't wait to share this story with him every year on his birthday and/or any time he wishes. There's no doubt he will know just how loved he's been since day 1. We love you forever, Truman Jon Thompson. To the moon & back <3

Side note: We've been asked many times how we came up with his name. My mom actually suggested Truman and we fell in love with it immediately. We chose Jon as his middle name because both Sid's dad and my dad are named Jon (and spelled that way too)! It fits our little guy perfectly :) 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Do I Still Got It?!

Baby is now 29 1/2 weeks... less than 11 weeks until my sweet boy is here!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!  He is guesstimated to  weigh about 2.9 pounds and should be about 17 inches long from head to heel. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! I know most say that pregnancy goes by so slow, but for me I think moving, traveling, managing my properties, & school have kept me busy so I haven't had time to feel like that at all.

I just got back from a trip to Utah and Vegas and it was sooo much fun. It was so nice to spend time with family and friends and also to get things planned for the baby. I feel incredibly blessed with amazing family and friends... near or far, I never feel alone and feel of their constant love and support.

The weather was amazing during my trips (especially compared to Michigan), which prompted me to bask in the sun, go for morning walks in beautiful weather, and just RELAX and enjoy life.  I was able to spend good quality time with my family and felt so great being involved in their activities. If you know my family, you know that there is never ever a dull moment and when I am away, I can't help but miss their craziness.  Sooo, as usual, we were constantly on the go!!

I was especially ecstatic I was able to support my sister, Cassidy, in some college cheer visits (and a little jealous I wasn't able to show off my own flying skills - haha)! Seriously, I think I was realllly into it, as the day before one of her clinics, I literally dreamed I (in my pregnant state) was asked to demonstrate a stunt!  I know, I know...that would never happen, but a girl can dream, right?!  HAHA.  Ok so seriously, in my dream, they asked me to stunt and I of course said "I can't, Im pregnant!"  In which they responded, "No worries, we promise to be extra careful and nothing at all will happen..."  Thank heavens I awoke before finding out if they really could stunt me, or before I saw that scary sight of pregnant cheering in the air and then THAT surely would have woken me up!!! :)

But anywaaays...It is so crazy to think my little sister will be going off to college in just a little over a year from now and I can't help but remember all of my wonderful experiences.  I am very grateful and happy that I pursued my own goal of cheering in college. I absolutely loved cheering in high school, but NOTHING compares to the roar of the crowd in a packed stadium and the adrenaline of performing in front of hundreds and hundreds of people.  (Have you ever been to an Aggie game??  NOTHING beats their "I believe that we will win" school spirit!)   Ahhh...I am proud of my sisters.  I am proud of their drive and determination to be their best and quite frankly, I am proud of ME.  I will never be able to think "what if"...because I did do it.  And then after 2 years, it became time to give it up for love and marital bliss and because I accomplished that dream, there will never be any regret for giving it up when I did.

All of this made for an "aha moment" or lightbulb moment, if you will. And now I am about to be a mom and I will no doubt encourage my children to pursue each and every one of their goals and dreams. I am forever grateful for kind, loving, and strong parents who taught me to believe in myself.  I pray I can be half the parent they are to me. I am thankful that I was able to spend 12 amazing days with my family and to further gain insight on my own strengths, and of course I am quite happy I was able to be catered to as one of the kids at home. I never thought I would say that, but it is true.  Yes, for this I am especially thankful, as it is bittersweet that I came to realize that my life will never be the same after my baby boy gets here.  Just for old times sake, I wanted to cherish the time I have with my family with just me :)  And that they did...and although it was fun being a kid one last time, I am even more excited and ready for 'him" (did I mention we are still up in the air about a name?!) to get here.  Aaand now I'm so happy to be home with my husband who showers me with love and attention. Mr. Thompson is quite obsessed with my growing bump and is constantly rubbing, talking, and kissing it. It melts my heart! I already know he will be an amazing dad...our little guy sure is lucky :)

Ps- I almost forgot to mention that once I got back to my hubby in Michigan and told him allll about my adventures AND of course crazy dream, he challenged me to prove my old cheerleading skills to see if I still have "it". I methodically displayed my heel stretch and even attempted a scorpion, as sad and ridiculous as my attempts were with my new belly, my guy thinks I still got it ;) 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home is Wherever I'm With You

We've had some BIG changes happen over the last month. Sid got a job with Siemens PLM and we could not be more excited, thrilled, or thankful for this amazing opportunity. It all escalated pretty quickly, to say the least. We literally had two weeks to pack up our lives in Logan and move across the country to Novi, Michigan!  We will be in Michigan for 6-8 months while Sid is training and then be placed elsewhere (we're hoping & praying for somewhere warm). Sid's amazing parents helped us a ton with our move. They helped us pack, drive our moving truck 26+ hours, move us in, and much, much more. I feel so grateful and blessed to have them as my second parents and will truly miss seeing them whenever we please. It has been a bittersweet experience for sure. 

We've always been suuuuper close to both of our families, but we're now coming to realize that we ARE each others family. Sid and I now have to rely on one another and our Heavenly Father, solely. Of course we look forward to joining family in the near future as I have a few fun trips planned, but for now I'm excited for this new adventure and to see what happens in the next year! We've now been in Michigan for about a week and have had a blast exploring our new town. We were welcomed with open arms in our new ward at church and truly felt a sincere love... it is a true and personal testament that this wonderful church I belong to really is the same no matter what part of the country I'm in. Everything feels right about the move and sacrifice we've made to leave behind family and the best of friends, we know there's a plan and that if we but have full faith, we will be blessed beyond measure. Sid has been a pillar of strength for me, I cant adequately begin to express my love and gratitude for him. He is an amazing husband and I thank my lucky stars for him every day. Okay but can we talk weather now...It is freezing here(no, like realllllly)! I thought Logan was cold??? Um noooo, not even close! But hey, I'm lucky enough to have a growing belly & handsome husband to cuddle & keep me warm :) Wellllll here we are, Michigan...please be good to us!!!!

I am now 24 weeks! My little guy is said to be about twelve and a half inches long and weigh one and a half pounds(about the size of a pineapple), gaining steadily at a rate of six ounces per week. Much of that weight comes from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Also by now, his face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair....Im hoping for hair, lots of it. With Sids Armenian side and my Latin side, wouldn't this mean we are basically guaranteed a head full of hair?! Ha...we will see. We found our new doctor here in Michigan and I'm so excited about him. My cravings this week have included pineapple(lots of it), Greek yogurt with granola, and steak! Our sweet boy is moving, kicking, and hiccuping like crazy! We love him so much and are counting down the weeks until we meet our little wiggle worm...CAN'T WAIT! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Twenty Weeks

20 weeks?!  I can't believe I'm half way to meeting my sweet baby boy...woot woot! Every week I'm excited to learn all about the changes our little guy is experiencing while he grows and develops. Okay, so according to my researched baby info, my sweet little baby boy is about 10 inches long from head to heel (about the size of a banana) and weighs about 10 1/2 ounces. He can now hear sounds so I'm busy making sure I'm constantly talking to him and Sid is reading to my belly/the baby every night. It's super duper cute! Along with our little baby now being able to hear noises, he apparently can even cover his ears with his hands if a loud sound is made, and he may even become startled and "jump." I think that is incredible! I love feeling him wiggle around, which happens mostly mornings and nights when I'm laying down. As for me, my belly is definitely growing everyday and while it's weird and different, I love it. Although I do embrace the changes, I find myself praying for the awkward stage to pass, that my belly will no longer look bloated & instead be an apparent BIG baby bump. I hope I don't come to regret praying for this ;)

While the baby is growing, umm so is my appetite! I'm trying my best to eat lots of little meals throughout the day...Lots of fruits and vegetables and  good protein and natural foods filled with a good source of fiber. My most popular cravings this past week have been apples, raw vegetables dipped in greek yogurt, oatmeal, ground turkey and brown rice (I can't get enough), and a handful of almonds a couple times a day...yum! I find the more I fuel my body, the more energy I have and I love it! Although my growing appetite reminds me to eat more frequently, it was an adjustment to nearly have to force myself to eat more than a few meals a day, BUT I'm now almost an expert ;) Oh and as always, I'm constantly experimenting and on the search for healthier versions of recipes and cooked up a yummy healthier version of baked ziti last week. For those interested, here is the recipe. We used whole wheat pasta, took out the ricotta, and added lean ground turkey to ours.Try it out...Sid and I devoured ours right up!  

On another note, I was in excruciating pain over this last weekend due to an ingrown toenail. I've suffered from these for years, but NEVER had one this bad. The Dr. said that because I'm pregnant my body isn't able to heal or fight infection as normal, therefore that's probably why it was a lot worse this time. Of course this pain couldn't have come during the week...nope! Sid had to take me in to a quick care and they put me on an antibiotic which thankfully  helped almost immediately. I went to see the podiatrist on Tuesday and they removed the ingrown. Surprisingly, I didn't experience too much discomfort, but I can't run for a couple of weeks, so that's pretty disappointing. I'm fervently praying I'll heal quickly so I can continue all the activities that I love. Although I've had this little trial, I'm extremely grateful for the good health I've had thus far! I'm one blessed girl :) 

One thing I've grown quite fond of doing is putting together outfits for my growing bump. I purchased my very first pair of "maternity jeans"....crazy! I was pretty nervous wondering which style to buy that's most flattering on the prego mamas and then I realized I just need to stick to the basics...something I would normally wear and just try my best to rock the belly! Out of all the maternity lines, I'm loving the asos maternity line the best thus far. Im excited to explore and experiment but will definitely stick to my usual style as much as possible. I just want to feel good, and you know when you look good, you feel good. Heaven help me..haha! What are some of your favorite places to shop for maternity clothes? I need allllll the suggestions you are willing to share, pretty please!

Outside of my little medical procedure and trying to figure out styling issues, life is great and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm especially thankful for my sweet husband who takes amazing care of me and is always so patient. He puts up with my new found moody and naughty behavior and loves me regardless...He's an angel <3 This weekend we are headed to Vegas to visit my family and we are SO excited. We are counting down the days to slumber it up with the family and as usual try and keep up with their crazy fun filled activities. Even though it'll be a short trip, it'll most definitely be a fun one. No ingrown or jeans too tight will stop this party from happening, NO WAY. Vegas here we come...wooh!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

17 Weeks

       17 weeks...I can’t believe it! First trimester over and doing great into the second! I feel like this pregnancy is flying by, but I’ve loved every second of it so far!  Everyday I wake up excited to see and feel new changes. I feel absolutely amazing and for this I am incredibly thankful, as I was dreading the horror stories I've read and heard about. I still have tons of energy so I’ve been able to continue working out as normal and it's been fun creating new workout plans to suit me during the pregnancy(I'll make sure to share some for those interested!). My hair, skin, and nails have never been better! I guess this is due to prenatals and my crazy hormones.. but hey, I’m not complaining! Baby is the size of an Onion~ 5.1 inches, 5.9 oz. Whose idea was it to compare the size of babies to food?! Welp on that note: My current cravings include onions, cucumbers, & cottage cheese. I’ve given up soda and dream about it from time to time ;) Water is my new best friend as I am ALWAYS thirsty! Hence the frequent trips to the's pretty embarrassing. I currently have a cute little bump and I’m obsessed with looking at it in the mirror. It's that strange "in between" stage where yes there's an obvious bump, but yet not large enough for people to know I'm pregnant. I'm looking forward to the obvious bump as I'd much rather look like I have a pregnant bump than a pot belly :)   My husband is constantly wanting to kiss, rub, and cuddle up to my growing belly, it’s the CUTEST. I'm grateful for him and his loving ways that make me feel more beautiful than ever. I had my first "fluttering" feeling earlier this week...soo strange, yet so exciting!! As I awoke I was laying in bed peacefully and realized those little feelings in my stomach were my sweet babe! What an amazing feeling it was to feel my sweet little guy in there making a statement! I've seen him in ultrasound, heard his strong heartbeat at my checkups, but was longing to FEEL him to make it a true reality that I indeed have a part of Sid and I growing inside me. What a miracle this feeling is and an unexplainable joy I can't quite put into words. How amazing that although we can't see our sweet little babes while they're growing inside of us, that we can love them immediately... with every fiber of our beings and naturally gain a sense of nurturing and protection over them. I love my sweet little guy more than I could have ever imagined! 

      We were fortunate enough to be able to spend last week in Las Vegas. Sid worked at a big convention, CES, while I hung out with my family. It was much needed and the weather was amazing. The highlight of the trip was getting to find out what the sex of the baby is! It was so great to have my family there with us as we found out!  What a fun and emotional experience, and....very surprising! We were all pretty convinced baby Thompson was a girl, but BOY were we wrong. We are thrilled to announce that we are having a baby boy!!!! He is a healthy little guy whom we love and immediately started spoiling with all things boy!  My heart is so full and I just can’t believe I’m having a sweet little mister! They say boys have a special relationship with their mamas... I can attest this is true, somehow I already know :)

      Ooh and one more highlight of the trip! My mom, sisters, & I went to see Mama Mia at the Smiths Center. Years ago, we had all gone to see the movie with my best friend Ally & her mom and we laughed, balled, and fell in love with not only the movie, but the soundtrack, as well. My sisters were quite young at the time, but for me and my mom it was a day we will never forget. It was a perfect reunion of sorts with Abba and I cried as I remembered the feelings I had experienced years before during the movie... The feelings of the unknown that would someday be my future when my sweet mommy would be preparing me to wed. Well those days have come and gone, including my dancing queen days ;), and I'm so eternally grateful for my own sweet moments that have brought me to where I am today. Thank you to my precious mama, Cecilia, my own mama mia, for blessing me with your love!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

We're Pregnant!

"So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead." 1 Peter 1:6

It's true, we are expecting! Now 3 1/2 months true! We are thrilled and can't wait to have our very own tiny baby to kiss, cuddle, and shower with love. It honestly has felt like a complete dream. I still pinch myself everyday that this is really happening! We are so thankful for this sweet blessing that Heavenly Father has given us. We have truly never been happier in our lives and are so excited to begin this new journey in our lives.

I am now in my second trimester! Pregnancy has been amazing so far and very different than I thought it would be! Thankfully, I haven't been sick at all and have felt pretty much normal! I have no crazy cravings but have had some trouble sleeping. I feel great and I am so thankful for that.. I have loved it so far!

Our families are beyond excited! They were surprised at first (as were we haha) but we all can't wait for our sweet baby to arrive already! He/she will be the first grand baby on my side and Nana is ecstatic :)

Sid has been an absolute dream. I never imagined that my husband would be THIS excited for a baby.  He is beyond happy. He talks to our baby every morning and night, is constantly sending me little links or blogs to look at, and has been working so hard to ensure our baby is born into a home filled with love and the spirit. We went to our first pregnancy class last week and our instructor pulled me aside at the end to tell me she's never had a dad ask more questions or be so excited and involved in the class. haha He's the best and I know he will be an amazing daddy!

Baby Thompson is due June 28, 2014 

To watch a short clip I made click here

 Yes, It's so awkward to take a picture with a stick I peed on. Haha this was the last one of four we took, we just wanted to be extra sure!

The pictures of my hubby and I were taken by my sweet friend Mandi