Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NYC, Jordan's Farewell & My Birthday!

Before Jordan left, we had early Thanksgiving dinner together as a family in Vegas. It was a great time, but definitely bittersweet knowing that it would be the last time for two years that we would all be together. Jordan did an amazing job at his farewell. It brought such comfort to me to see how eager and ready he was to serve the Lord and preach the gospel. I am so proud of him & know that he will do some amazing things these next two years!

Bacon wrapped chestnuts are a favorite for Thanksgiving!

 So thankful for my eternal family :)

                                                    See you in two our sweet, sweet Elder 

 I also got to celebrate my birthday with my family! They spoiled me with all of my favorites. Lululemon & new Nikes FTW!!! :)

 My sweetheart took me to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving and my birthday. We went with our best friends and it was a blast. The first night there we spent some time in Hoboken and visited Carlo's bake shop On Thanksgiving we actually spent the day in Baltimore. We had an early dinner at The Capital Grille. We had steak, amazing sides, soups and salads & it was delish! I definitely recommend it. After, we headed to the Baltimore Ravens game. I've never seen anyone more thankful or excited than my husband at that game! He was literally in heaven and I'm so glad we could make it happen for him. He is so hardworking and deserving of it. It was freezing but so much fun.

 After that we spent the rest of the time in NYC. It was so fun to be there during the holidays! It was cold but soooo worth it. We did some shopping, ate yummy food, and watched Cinderella on Broadway. I also turned 22 and had the best day ever in New York celebrating. My husband definitely spoiled me! I feel like the luckiest girl ever to have the best husband, family and friends. It was a trip & birthday to remember :)

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