Thursday, January 16, 2014

17 Weeks

       17 weeks...I can’t believe it! First trimester over and doing great into the second! I feel like this pregnancy is flying by, but I’ve loved every second of it so far!  Everyday I wake up excited to see and feel new changes. I feel absolutely amazing and for this I am incredibly thankful, as I was dreading the horror stories I've read and heard about. I still have tons of energy so I’ve been able to continue working out as normal and it's been fun creating new workout plans to suit me during the pregnancy(I'll make sure to share some for those interested!). My hair, skin, and nails have never been better! I guess this is due to prenatals and my crazy hormones.. but hey, I’m not complaining! Baby is the size of an Onion~ 5.1 inches, 5.9 oz. Whose idea was it to compare the size of babies to food?! Welp on that note: My current cravings include onions, cucumbers, & cottage cheese. I’ve given up soda and dream about it from time to time ;) Water is my new best friend as I am ALWAYS thirsty! Hence the frequent trips to the's pretty embarrassing. I currently have a cute little bump and I’m obsessed with looking at it in the mirror. It's that strange "in between" stage where yes there's an obvious bump, but yet not large enough for people to know I'm pregnant. I'm looking forward to the obvious bump as I'd much rather look like I have a pregnant bump than a pot belly :)   My husband is constantly wanting to kiss, rub, and cuddle up to my growing belly, it’s the CUTEST. I'm grateful for him and his loving ways that make me feel more beautiful than ever. I had my first "fluttering" feeling earlier this week...soo strange, yet so exciting!! As I awoke I was laying in bed peacefully and realized those little feelings in my stomach were my sweet babe! What an amazing feeling it was to feel my sweet little guy in there making a statement! I've seen him in ultrasound, heard his strong heartbeat at my checkups, but was longing to FEEL him to make it a true reality that I indeed have a part of Sid and I growing inside me. What a miracle this feeling is and an unexplainable joy I can't quite put into words. How amazing that although we can't see our sweet little babes while they're growing inside of us, that we can love them immediately... with every fiber of our beings and naturally gain a sense of nurturing and protection over them. I love my sweet little guy more than I could have ever imagined! 

      We were fortunate enough to be able to spend last week in Las Vegas. Sid worked at a big convention, CES, while I hung out with my family. It was much needed and the weather was amazing. The highlight of the trip was getting to find out what the sex of the baby is! It was so great to have my family there with us as we found out!  What a fun and emotional experience, and....very surprising! We were all pretty convinced baby Thompson was a girl, but BOY were we wrong. We are thrilled to announce that we are having a baby boy!!!! He is a healthy little guy whom we love and immediately started spoiling with all things boy!  My heart is so full and I just can’t believe I’m having a sweet little mister! They say boys have a special relationship with their mamas... I can attest this is true, somehow I already know :)

      Ooh and one more highlight of the trip! My mom, sisters, & I went to see Mama Mia at the Smiths Center. Years ago, we had all gone to see the movie with my best friend Ally & her mom and we laughed, balled, and fell in love with not only the movie, but the soundtrack, as well. My sisters were quite young at the time, but for me and my mom it was a day we will never forget. It was a perfect reunion of sorts with Abba and I cried as I remembered the feelings I had experienced years before during the movie... The feelings of the unknown that would someday be my future when my sweet mommy would be preparing me to wed. Well those days have come and gone, including my dancing queen days ;), and I'm so eternally grateful for my own sweet moments that have brought me to where I am today. Thank you to my precious mama, Cecilia, my own mama mia, for blessing me with your love!

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  1. Des this was too cute. I am such a mushy mush queen. Congrats on the boy! You look so absolutely great, better then a lot of non-prego people.

    xx Laur