Thursday, February 6, 2014

Twenty Weeks

20 weeks?!  I can't believe I'm half way to meeting my sweet baby boy...woot woot! Every week I'm excited to learn all about the changes our little guy is experiencing while he grows and develops. Okay, so according to my researched baby info, my sweet little baby boy is about 10 inches long from head to heel (about the size of a banana) and weighs about 10 1/2 ounces. He can now hear sounds so I'm busy making sure I'm constantly talking to him and Sid is reading to my belly/the baby every night. It's super duper cute! Along with our little baby now being able to hear noises, he apparently can even cover his ears with his hands if a loud sound is made, and he may even become startled and "jump." I think that is incredible! I love feeling him wiggle around, which happens mostly mornings and nights when I'm laying down. As for me, my belly is definitely growing everyday and while it's weird and different, I love it. Although I do embrace the changes, I find myself praying for the awkward stage to pass, that my belly will no longer look bloated & instead be an apparent BIG baby bump. I hope I don't come to regret praying for this ;)

While the baby is growing, umm so is my appetite! I'm trying my best to eat lots of little meals throughout the day...Lots of fruits and vegetables and  good protein and natural foods filled with a good source of fiber. My most popular cravings this past week have been apples, raw vegetables dipped in greek yogurt, oatmeal, ground turkey and brown rice (I can't get enough), and a handful of almonds a couple times a day...yum! I find the more I fuel my body, the more energy I have and I love it! Although my growing appetite reminds me to eat more frequently, it was an adjustment to nearly have to force myself to eat more than a few meals a day, BUT I'm now almost an expert ;) Oh and as always, I'm constantly experimenting and on the search for healthier versions of recipes and cooked up a yummy healthier version of baked ziti last week. For those interested, here is the recipe. We used whole wheat pasta, took out the ricotta, and added lean ground turkey to ours.Try it out...Sid and I devoured ours right up!  

On another note, I was in excruciating pain over this last weekend due to an ingrown toenail. I've suffered from these for years, but NEVER had one this bad. The Dr. said that because I'm pregnant my body isn't able to heal or fight infection as normal, therefore that's probably why it was a lot worse this time. Of course this pain couldn't have come during the week...nope! Sid had to take me in to a quick care and they put me on an antibiotic which thankfully  helped almost immediately. I went to see the podiatrist on Tuesday and they removed the ingrown. Surprisingly, I didn't experience too much discomfort, but I can't run for a couple of weeks, so that's pretty disappointing. I'm fervently praying I'll heal quickly so I can continue all the activities that I love. Although I've had this little trial, I'm extremely grateful for the good health I've had thus far! I'm one blessed girl :) 

One thing I've grown quite fond of doing is putting together outfits for my growing bump. I purchased my very first pair of "maternity jeans"....crazy! I was pretty nervous wondering which style to buy that's most flattering on the prego mamas and then I realized I just need to stick to the basics...something I would normally wear and just try my best to rock the belly! Out of all the maternity lines, I'm loving the asos maternity line the best thus far. Im excited to explore and experiment but will definitely stick to my usual style as much as possible. I just want to feel good, and you know when you look good, you feel good. Heaven help me..haha! What are some of your favorite places to shop for maternity clothes? I need allllll the suggestions you are willing to share, pretty please!

Outside of my little medical procedure and trying to figure out styling issues, life is great and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm especially thankful for my sweet husband who takes amazing care of me and is always so patient. He puts up with my new found moody and naughty behavior and loves me regardless...He's an angel <3 This weekend we are headed to Vegas to visit my family and we are SO excited. We are counting down the days to slumber it up with the family and as usual try and keep up with their crazy fun filled activities. Even though it'll be a short trip, it'll most definitely be a fun one. No ingrown or jeans too tight will stop this party from happening, NO WAY. Vegas here we come...wooh!

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  1. You're beautiful and you look so great! I love reading about your life and your pregnancy. Keep blogging and I will keep stalking. ;)