Thursday, April 10, 2014

Do I Still Got It?!

Baby is now 29 1/2 weeks... less than 11 weeks until my sweet boy is here!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!  He is guesstimated to  weigh about 2.9 pounds and should be about 17 inches long from head to heel. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! I know most say that pregnancy goes by so slow, but for me I think moving, traveling, managing my properties, & school have kept me busy so I haven't had time to feel like that at all.

I just got back from a trip to Utah and Vegas and it was sooo much fun. It was so nice to spend time with family and friends and also to get things planned for the baby. I feel incredibly blessed with amazing family and friends... near or far, I never feel alone and feel of their constant love and support.

The weather was amazing during my trips (especially compared to Michigan), which prompted me to bask in the sun, go for morning walks in beautiful weather, and just RELAX and enjoy life.  I was able to spend good quality time with my family and felt so great being involved in their activities. If you know my family, you know that there is never ever a dull moment and when I am away, I can't help but miss their craziness.  Sooo, as usual, we were constantly on the go!!

I was especially ecstatic I was able to support my sister, Cassidy, in some college cheer visits (and a little jealous I wasn't able to show off my own flying skills - haha)! Seriously, I think I was realllly into it, as the day before one of her clinics, I literally dreamed I (in my pregnant state) was asked to demonstrate a stunt!  I know, I know...that would never happen, but a girl can dream, right?!  HAHA.  Ok so seriously, in my dream, they asked me to stunt and I of course said "I can't, Im pregnant!"  In which they responded, "No worries, we promise to be extra careful and nothing at all will happen..."  Thank heavens I awoke before finding out if they really could stunt me, or before I saw that scary sight of pregnant cheering in the air and then THAT surely would have woken me up!!! :)

But anywaaays...It is so crazy to think my little sister will be going off to college in just a little over a year from now and I can't help but remember all of my wonderful experiences.  I am very grateful and happy that I pursued my own goal of cheering in college. I absolutely loved cheering in high school, but NOTHING compares to the roar of the crowd in a packed stadium and the adrenaline of performing in front of hundreds and hundreds of people.  (Have you ever been to an Aggie game??  NOTHING beats their "I believe that we will win" school spirit!)   Ahhh...I am proud of my sisters.  I am proud of their drive and determination to be their best and quite frankly, I am proud of ME.  I will never be able to think "what if"...because I did do it.  And then after 2 years, it became time to give it up for love and marital bliss and because I accomplished that dream, there will never be any regret for giving it up when I did.

All of this made for an "aha moment" or lightbulb moment, if you will. And now I am about to be a mom and I will no doubt encourage my children to pursue each and every one of their goals and dreams. I am forever grateful for kind, loving, and strong parents who taught me to believe in myself.  I pray I can be half the parent they are to me. I am thankful that I was able to spend 12 amazing days with my family and to further gain insight on my own strengths, and of course I am quite happy I was able to be catered to as one of the kids at home. I never thought I would say that, but it is true.  Yes, for this I am especially thankful, as it is bittersweet that I came to realize that my life will never be the same after my baby boy gets here.  Just for old times sake, I wanted to cherish the time I have with my family with just me :)  And that they did...and although it was fun being a kid one last time, I am even more excited and ready for 'him" (did I mention we are still up in the air about a name?!) to get here.  Aaand now I'm so happy to be home with my husband who showers me with love and attention. Mr. Thompson is quite obsessed with my growing bump and is constantly rubbing, talking, and kissing it. It melts my heart! I already know he will be an amazing dad...our little guy sure is lucky :)

Ps- I almost forgot to mention that once I got back to my hubby in Michigan and told him allll about my adventures AND of course crazy dream, he challenged me to prove my old cheerleading skills to see if I still have "it". I methodically displayed my heel stretch and even attempted a scorpion, as sad and ridiculous as my attempts were with my new belly, my guy thinks I still got it ;) 

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  1. You have the cutest little bump! Super envious of your hair and your sisters. How in the world do you do it so great? Please enlighten us :)